Think Dayton is a dead zone for high speed internet? Think again. Altehost Wireless is bringing cutting edge high speed internet service to Dayton and surrounding areas. We are not your run of the mill satellite internet. We bridge your residence, ranch or business to our fiber optic backhaul using the latest 5G technologies. We are locally owned and operated.

Our installations are affordable and there is no contract commitment. Unlimited service, with no data caps. If you are not happy with our service, cancel at any time.

Our installations start at $399 and the first month of service is free. Monthly service rates begin at $120 per month. Rate will be adjusted if multiple access points are deployed.

Unlike most ISP’s Altehost Wireless provides network deployment in your home. All of our customers are protected from network threats with our built in Threat Detection services. This keeps your networks and private information safe from hackers, malware and virus. All networks are secured upon installation.