Connecting Faster

Get the fast speed of the city delivered right to your country homestead or ranch.
Altehost is bringing true high speed to Liberty County, Texas. Ditch the slow satellite internet and upgrade today. We transmit our network to your ranch or homestead using the fastest Wireless technology available. Compared to satellite, we are light years ahead! Sign up today or schedule a free demonstration at your property.


$149$120/ Month
  • Installation Stating at $400.00
  • Single WIFI hotspot (expandable)
  • WIFI device connectivity
  • Family friendly and safe
  • No Data Caps
  • Up to 10 Wireless Devices


$199$169/ Month
  •  Installation starting at $400.00
  • Single WIFI hotspot (expandable)
  • Switched ports available
  • WIFI and Non-WIFI devices
  • No Data Caps
  • No limit on devices


"They guaranteed me 25 Mbps and I can't even browse the internet!"  Even the fastest service using a Dish-type system will always seem slow and sluggish due to the network latency (the time it takes to send a data packet from Point A to Point B).  Every page request you make has to travel roughly 22,000 miles into space, then bounce from network to network, then round trip back through the same slow transmission path.



Moving away from the city is not a decision to be taken lightly.

When I moved to my homestead, I took it for granted that my high speed internet and cell phone coverage would transfer. But to my surprise, I found myself in an area with little to no service available. What was available was poor, spotty connectivity that was not reliable. After countless hours of customer service, I found myself with only one option: SATELLITE INTERNET. After researching this and talking to my neighbors I found that the general consensus was satellite internet was cripplingly slow.

Rather than settle, we formed Altehost. A collaboration between seasoned IT and wireless experts, set out to change the landscape of rural network access. We are expanding rapidly and bring our customers network speeds they deserve! Don't settle for slow connections anymore. We use point-to-point 5 GHz wireless to beam our network services right to your home. Our backbone network is supported by fiber optic enterprise services that deliver the access and service you want.

The adventure is just beginning.

As we grow, so will our capacity; which will increase your user experience. We are always a phone call away and will never outsource our customer support! You will talk to a skilled local representative anytime you call.
We are a family orientated Christian business, and we deliver a family safe experience with advanced filtering techniques. Let's do business together!

Call us today at 936-367-9087 or 832-784-2593 for Spanish.

Personal Info

  •   (936) 367-9087
  •   (832) 784-2593
  •   252 County Road 480, Dayton, Texas 77535