Connecting Faster

Now available to Dayton - the fastest internet speeds available. No Gimmicks, no Caps, no Contracts. Get our wireless delivered to your Dayton homestead or ranch with installations starting at $399.

Altehost Wireless has landed in Dayton bringing lightening fast internet, leaving DSL and Hughesnet satellite in the dust. Take your pick of telephone pole signs you'll find advertising "FAST INTERNET" in Dayton. They are all basically dish network technology, beaming crawling slow internet back to a dish. Our technology is 5Ghz wireless aimed at our fiber backbone fed tower located near FM 1413.

We are locally owned and operated. Always willing to go the extra mile for our customers! If you can't get high speed internet at your country home, call us. We'll make it happen.


Connect to network media services for your enjoyment. Streaming at high speeds direct to media devices like Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, etc.


Our installations start at $399. No contract needed! Internet access at affordable rates with flexible payment options with online Client Zone access to manage your billing.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with friends and family! Network access at high speeds to stay up-to-date with all of your friends - talk video & chat.

Wireless Installation

WiFI included! Part of our installation package includes your home WIFI access point. Need extended range? We can work with you with our selection of high powered AP's.

Surf Secure

Take ease knowing that your Internet connection is protected. Our real time monitoring blocks malware and virus in their tracks, BEFORE they hit your network. We also block traffic from the most dangerous parts of the world with GeoIP filters.

Business Service Available

Do you have a business that require deeper integration? Speak with one of our consultants to see how our services can help you. From offline storage and redundancy, to critical backups and real-time recovery. We have technicians ready to work with you.

There are always outrageous speed claims from every provider. With Altehost Networks you get real access at real-world speeds that you can use. Low-latency speeds without data caps at your fingertips!


Satellite Connection

Hughesnet is capable of delivering acceptable speeds, but at very high latency. This forces your browsing experience to be intermittent with response times as high as 4,000 milliseconds. With strict data caps and confusing contracts, network access is unbearable.


Altehost provides high-speed direct wireless connections to a fiber optic backhaul. This technology has the bandwidth capability of light, and provides the best system for NO DATA CAPS or RESTRICTIONS!


Digital Subscriber Line Connection

DSL has low-latency, but at insanely low bandwidth speeds. With it's sparse availability, DSL is the usual choice for homesteaders, but not as easily obtained.



Moving away from the city is not a decision to be taken lightly.

When I moved to my homestead, I took it for granted that my high speed internet and cell phone coverage would transfer. But to my surprise, I found myself in an area with little to no service available. What was available was poor, spotty connectivity that was not reliable. After countless hours of customer service, I found myself with only one option: SATELLITE INTERNET. After researching this and talking to my neighbors I found that the general consensus was satellite internet was cripplingly slow.

Rather than settle, we formed Altehost. A collaboration between seasoned IT and wireless experts, set out to change the landscape of rural network access. We are expanding rapidly and bring our customers network speeds they deserve! Don't settle for slow connections anymore. We use point-to-point 5 GHz wireless to beam our network services right to your home. Our backbone network is supported by fiber optic enterprise services that deliver the access and service you want.

The adventure is just beginning.

As we grow, so will our capacity; which will increase your user experience. We are always a phone call away and will never outsource our customer support! You will talk to a skilled local representative anytime you call.
We are a family orientated Christian business, and we deliver a family safe experience with advanced filtering techniques. Let's do business together!

Call us today at 936-367-9087 or 832-784-2593 for Spanish.

Personal Info

  •   (936) 367-9087
  •   (832) 784-2593
  •   252 County Road 480, Dayton, Texas 77535


$159/ Month$120*
  • Installation starting at $399
  • Family / Household
  • No Data Caps / No Contracts
  • Up to 10 Wireless Devices
  • 1 Wired Device
  • Upgrades available for extended coverage and devices

WiFI Enhanced

$189/ Month$149*
  • Installation starting at $510
  • Family / Household / Outdoor / Cameras
  • No Data Caps / No Contracts
  • Unlimited Wireless Devices
  • 5 Wired Devices
  • Power your Outdoor IP Cameras with PoE
  • Extended WIFI coverage available